Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dayak - there is still hope for the future

There is still hope for the future

Despite all the glooms and doomsayeth there is one hope still out there, the hope of people for the future, the hope that patience and perseverence will outlast despair and hopelessness, the hope that those things that are frustrating the expectation of everybody will one day come to pass, and the hope that patience will triumph.

The Plan Behind Malaysia

Undoubtedly the Dayaks in general do not get what can be expected they deserve to get. But this has been in the basic plan which most never know about, never been given knowledge of, never been explained to, and this is the plan behind MALAYSIA.

Once the Briitish gave up Sarawak and Sabah to join Malaysia together with Singapore in 1963 all had been destined to be gone for the Dayaks. The Chinese in Singapore and even those in Sabah and Sarawak were already well educated and in the know of how to make money and multiply it (economics). Alas the Dayaks had started with very few people with the knowledge, and forget about money.

Dayak did not recognize riches in their own backyard

While they for the most of them are living in the jungle areas where timber, an important asset of the State, very few of them knew that those trees at the back of their bilek are trillion of ringgit worth in value. These dollars in trees were given to be exploited, and rapidly otherwise the Dayak get to know of its worth, by those who know of it.

Fighting for the Control of Wealth in Sarawak.

The tussle over the office of the Chief Minister between Ningkan and Rahman-Taib clique in 1965/1966, and the placement of Tawi Sli as a ‘care-take cm’ was all over who should control the wealth of Sarawak. When Rahman finally returned to the State in 1969 it was only to implement what plans had been well thought out in Kuala Lumpur by Rahman-Taib clique.

And with all these wealths are now but finished, and when Dayaks who were not born or too young then when Malaysia came into being, are becoming aware of how bad it is for them, and trying to make for it through politics, the control by Taib is so firm and the fact that he has all the money in the world he needs to control all state constituencies, and when Dayaks want to look for support from West Malaysia then our brethen there are also too engrossed with ketuanan melayu spawn by UMNO they are unable to help us by much, and if at all.

It is too difficult to do things on our own

On our own there is no money and without money even going to the village to vote is not easylet alone to canvass for vote and to campaign for support. In Sarawak now that the rich Chinese are for the most part with Taib, for obvious reasons,and the middle class chinese are supporting DAP and its politics which could be garnered without much money is used, the malays are with Taib also for obvious reasons, the Dayaks are in catch-22 situation.

Masing and Mawan cling to Taib for money

And when the example of Pairin Katinggan is view against the political frame of Sabah - Kadazan viz-a-viz Malays - Malaysia, one cannot blame Masing and Mawan for clinging to Taib as well. The crux of the matter is Taib has all the money and the Dayaks do not.

The voters have been trained to get money or expect to be paid money for their votes, trained by BN for over the years as the surest way to imbibe in them that’s what politic is all about and thereby easy to control as long as one has the money, and Taib has all the money, so the Dayaks are hopeless in the face of all these.

Malay -has ketuanan Melayu, Chinese wealth and Dayak has nothing

And let not forget that despite all the 1Malaysia pronounced by Najib on taking office as PM recently, there is growing malay fervour in asking the government to ensure ketuhanan melayu ta luput di bimi malaysia, for example: Pasir Mas MP, and Khir Toyo. And indeed we come back to a full circle: Malaysia has malays majority, and chinese are wealthy with Dayaks nothing to talk about in term of political muscle needed to bring about any change, if at all.

Let us still hope that change will come

But as is said at the start, let us still hope that change will come, and will come from malays like DSAI. He needs us and we really do need people like him because Taib cannot help the Dayaks beside offering lip service during election times. It is a marriage of convenience, sort of, can be developed properly with DSAI with us, and there is hope change can come through that.

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