Saturday, April 25, 2009

We must present our NCR case direct to the PM

1 Malaysia

Few newspaper- reporters call me asking for my comment on Dr. Rais Yatim called to bloggers to write about 1 Malaysia truthfully. I gave my comment to all of them.

However i have a special reservation to test the concept of 1 Malaysia.

Pakataan Rakyat and Orang Asli in Selangor / Perak

PR has evidence that they acted in the interest of Orang Asli by withdrawing the State government appeal over the decision handed by the High Court over Orang Asli land in Dengkil, Selangor.

In Perak they issue land titles to Orang Asli - to show their “inclusive” policy and practice as a Malaysian multi-racial party.

NCR Land Development in Sarawak

In this blog we discussed at length this particular topic and the stories and passion over NCR Land development never diminished. Actually, it accelerated into a bigger issue.

The Sarawak State government and BN supporters say NCR land development is non - issues, A senior Minister say opposition is “trying to put back to life a dead issue”. Many do not think so and the various comments made by BN YBs indicated that they are still sensitive to criticism over the NCR issues.

The latest is Kemena YBs - a mirrow reflection of his mentor Tan Sri Jabu’s view.

State Level Land seminar

The seminar exclude Dayak NGOs and only selected community leaders are invited to attend. I was told the security was very tight because certain “blogger” has asked its readers to “gate crush” or even stage a peaceful protest.

Only those participants that are given “dog tag” for identification and invited after verification are allowed to enter.

By the way, of course Dayakbaru managed to enter the seminar.

Key Message

If the NCR land owners think that they owned the land - they must provide prove. It is not the government function to prove that the land indeed belong to the natives who claim ownership.

What does this mean?

NCR land owners must choose a new strategy - that is to mark their old graveyards, tembawai lama, pengerang, pulau galau, temuda - in documentation form. The NCR land owner must keep such record and submit it to the authority.

NCR land owners must take the initiative to keep and create their record as proof of ownership.

What action is the government taking?

The BN State government is not going to open their land files for the NCR land owner to see. The land and Survey, District offices are locking up their land record. All “grant” given by the Brooke and colonial government are being kept under lock and keys.

My suggestion - 1 Malaysia

Could NCR land owners work together by forming a “steering team” on NCR land development issues and then make arrangement to meet the PM under the concept of 1Malaysia and present our land case.

In this way - the State government would not be able to keep the issue to local concern but a national attention from the PM.

The 1 Malaysia would be tested to see whether it really works for us in Sarawak.

Your input

What would be the best mechanism to approach this meeting with the PM - a memorandum, a petition that will be hand over by a selected team of people etc.

Let us discuss this approach now and HOW to do it. I would be looking for volunteer too - for the “steering team”.

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