Monday, April 20, 2009

Taib Mahmud Is A Very Sick Man

Taib is a very sick man. Not only does he suffer from colon cancer, but also cancer of the brain, cancer of the heart and cancer of the soul.

Symptoms are greed, lust for power, aggrandisement, lying, egomania, megalomania, denial, grand scale kleptomania, deception, intolerance, anger, expensive tastes, waste, extravagance, unfeeling and uncaring, lack of conscience, ethics and principles, inhuman, habitual and chronic misgovernance, corruption and maladministration.

New and more frightening symptoms are being discovered by the day.

These are highly contagious diseases which have affected his entire family, henchmen and cronies and their families as well and will affect all those who come into contact with him and them.

Shake or kiss his hand and kowtow to him at your own peril.

Shun him and all his family, henchmen and cronies and their families until this plague is removed from the face of Sarawak.

The only known cure for this disease, known as corruptus debilitatus or debilitating corruption, is sincere repentance and restitution (return of all wealth stolen from Sarawak).

However, in really chronic cases, denial of reality has already been so strongly engrained that they will refuse to accept any wrongdoing on their part, therefore denying themselves of cure.

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